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What results can I expect from social media?

We all want to know what we can expect from social media, and the answer is two-fold. It all depends on your level of participation in (and on) each platform and your goals. It also depends on what level of service you select with a social media and public relations firm like ours.

Minimal posting results in minimal growth and minimal interaction. It's that simple. When you engage in social media and have an active brand voice on your social channels, the impact on sales, traffic to your website, and the "buzz" around your product or service will be greater.

By all means, social media is not a "quick fix" or an "instantaneous" miracle cure. It takes time and effort and may include some social media advertising costs as well. In addition, if your sales funnel looks more like a bucket, we need to talk.

Your sales funnel, call to action and social media efforts all feed your email list. Once your customers are on your email list...then the real fun begins! We tie in traditional marketing and communications channels to bring your sales cycle full circle.

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