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Is Twitter your jam?

Twitter is, and always will be the place people turn to when there is something wrong with good ol’ Facebook and Instagram (remember when Facebook and Instagram were down and the world literally stopped turning?). Sure, we use it as the place to go to for breaking news, tweeting out our love for our favorite singer on The Voice, and trying to get Chris Hemsworth to wish us a Happy Birthday, but did you know that Twitter can also be a very valuable tool for your business or personal brand?

The biggest mistake some businesses and personal brands make on Twitter, is to use it as a broadcast tool, and not a conversation. Twitter is the watercooler of the internet. We like to hang out, catch a side conversation about the latest This Is Us episode, throw in our two cents on the Wendy’s vs. Burger King feud...but the business side? How do you get more followers, increase your visibility, and elevate your brand on Twitter?

It’s all in the engagement, (it’s not called “social” media for nothing). If you like to retweet, that’s a start, but you aren’t really engaging in a conversation with your customers. Switch it up a bit and retweet with a comment -- ie. Quote Retweet. Follow new people and brands that make sense for your business, use Twitter lists, search for others like you, and participate in TweetChats to connect with new followers. Follow people and in between 30% and 50% of those people will follow you back. Let’s do some math: If you want 240 new followers every month, you’ll need to follow over 800 profiles every month.

Also, it is important that you design an attractive profile for your preferred audience. Include your most important hashtag in your bio, and make sure that your website link leads to a landing page that offers your followers something in exchange for their email address. Why? Because now, you are building your email list to continue the conversation and make sales. Actively following and engaging in chats, grows your followers quickly and authentically.

Of course, this just scratches the surface. There are Twitter strategies for a variety of businesses, brands and individuals depending on your marketing goals and objectives. Let us know if you want to chat...we will be waiting!


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