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Are you trying to hire employees in a record unemployment year? Social media can help!

The unemployment rate is at its lowest in decades (yay!)...but...for business owners and organizations with jobs to fill, it is proving to be difficult to attract and retain employees. Many companies are turning to social media to help them showcase their culture, create a community around their business, and utilize social media advertising to attract potential candidates.

Here are three quick and easy things you can do to get started:

First, start by highlighting your culture. Post pictures of employee events, encourage your current employees to write reviews, and share a bit of your personality online.

Second, you want to utilize the Jobs tab on Facebook. This tab can be turned on in your settings and is a great way to manage your job postings and applications. You will need to ensure that your page is set up as a business in order to complete this step.

Third, be authentic. Potential employees don't want to see a lot of corporate posts related with staged photos. That content is fine for one to two posts a week, but if you own a business like a franchise, you want to make sure your location's unique perspective shines through. Share those photos of your customers, employees, and your local community.

Recruiting on social media does take work and a plan. Be sure to set your goals and work the process. It really does work!

P.S. Your content mix needs to include paid social media ads. With the recent changes in all social media algorithms, organic reach has been significantly reduced. You need a budget and a plan for paid Job Ads!


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